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Green • Expandable • Mobile • Dwelling • Unit • System

Green Sense Builder, Inc. provides a “Home Package” of materials used to construct a complete weather tight shell. The following items listed below are the products and services that Green Sense Builder provides and is included in the cost of the complete "Home Package". For items not covered in this package please refer to Green Sense Builder Disclosure page. the GEMDUS finished product will be shipped in a manner consistent with a complete "Home Package". The buyer can modify the contents of the GEMDUS as fits their needs. Windows on the GEMDUS can also be modified as the buyer requires.

Standard Package includes:
The following items are specifically included in your GEMDUS home package:

1) Main Sub-floor system - 6-1/2" SIP
2) Structural Insulated Panel- Pre-fabricated exterior wall systems - 6-1/2" SIP
3) Deck sub-structure and decking.
4) Roof Structure-Combination of 8 1⁄4” SIP system & prefabricated truss system. Material includes California infill framing, and outriggers.
5) Roofing material, asphalt shingle roofing and underlayment.
6) Windows Package.
7) Exterior fiber cement board sidings, and Miratec wood trim, and specified Green Sense Builder weatherproofing systems
8) Miscellaneous Items

1) Main Sub-floor system
Package includes complete materials for a main subfloor system. All embedded hardware and structural hardware is included. Package includes the supply of 2x6 and/or 2x8 pressure treated sill plate complete with anchor bolts, base plates and necessary STHD strap hold downs as called out on the construction drawings. 

2) Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) Pre-fabricated exterior wall systems
This package includes materials and fabrication for a complete pre-fabricated exterior Structural Insulated Panel wall system. SIP walls are 6 1⁄2” wide x 8 foot high walls. The GEMDUS wall system is pre-assembled as part of the GEMDUS cube. No cutting or additional work in the field is planned for.

3) Deck sub-structure and decking
Front entry porch, rear deck sub-structure and decking (per plan) material are included. Sub Decking to include all embedded hardware, pressure treated lumber including girders, joist and ledger material. Lag bolts and washers for ledger. Decking to be Fiberon or Evergrain Composite decking and composite screws. Color to be selected by Owner.

Hand rails to be Fiberon or Evergrain Composite rail system, inclusive of front stair entry. Rail system includes all necessary hardware to fasten to deck joisting.

4) Roof Structure
Package includes materials for a complete roof framing system. Roof framing to include pre-engineered pre-fabricated trusses for the roof structure, including 5/8” OSB with radiant barrier roof sheathing. Main roof over living area (per plan) to be 8 1⁄4” SIP roof system complete with LVL splines, and 2x8 subfascia at rake and eaves. Package includes all structural lumber, glue-laminated beams, and related hardware and bolts. Package includes all framing material to complete all California infill framing (per plans). Fascia and drip edge to be supplied using Miratec engineered, pre-primed material. Soffit sheathing to be fiber cement board.

5) Roofing material, asphalt shingle roofing and underlayment
Package includes all roofing material. Roofing material to be Elk Prestique 40 year asphalt shingle roofing or 40 year Owens-Corning asphalt shingle roofing, complete with raised profile ridge vent at ridge, and Z-ridge material at all hips (per plan). Package includes starter strip at eave and rakes, 30 pound felt paper and Grace Ice and water Shield at eave, rake, and valley is included (per local requirement) as well as galvanized drip edge flashing material at eaves and rakes.

6) Windows Package
Package includes the use of Dual Glazed, low-e, vinyl windows (brand options available). All windows, sliders and French Doors are included per the construction drawings. Window package includes the supply of waterproofing membrane and caulking to wrap all windows and doors per Green Sense Builder details, and specifications.

7) Exterior fiber cement board sidings, and Miratec wood trim, and specified Green Sense Builder weatherproofing systems
Package includes material for exterior finishes and trim. Many options are available. Package includes the supply of CertainTeed fibercement board lap siding to be 8 1⁄4” x 12’ sections where called out on construction drawings. Corner, window and door trim, to be Miratec 6” engineered wood. Package includes all necessary mastic flashing to be applied at subfloor per details on the construction drawings. Tyvek house wrap and tape is included. Exterior finish package includes the supply of fasteners and saw blades to cut the fiber cement board material, as well as primer paint to apply to all cut boards per manufacture recommendations.

8) Miscellaneous Items
Miscellaneous items
included in this package include supply interior framed walls for both 2x4 and 2x6 walls only. Interior finish of GEMDUS is per customer specifications.

Location Notes
GEMDUS home package systems are provided within a 100 mile radius of our Northern or Southern California offices.  Outside of this area package system offerings will vary.

Green Sense Builder, Inc.
101 W. McKnight Way
Suite B139
Grass Valley,  CA  95949

Main Sales Office:  (530)-798-0492
Please visit for information on the Green Expandable Mobile Dwelling Unit System. 
AND see for the HH Cool Panel, an advanced SIP wall system.


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