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Welcome to Green Sense Builder's GEMDUS - the innovator and provider of the only factory built green building system based on SIP.  GSB is dedicated to California's CalGreen initiatives.

Click here for additional information about CALGREEN.

By utilizing the SIP - Structural Insulated Panel building system, we provide a mobile green building system that is energy efficient, expandable, and offers a cost competitive SIP Home . GEMDUS Home Systems are the most energy efficient mobile building systems available on the market!

What is a GEMDUS?
GEMDUS is a Green Expandable Mobile Dwelling Unit System, that is sold in 8' wide by 17' 1" long, 136.67 sq ft units.

Why choose a GEMDUS?
GEMDUS = quick to build. If you need a quick build of an energy efficient low cost custom home, without the stigma of a manufactured home, turn-key, in 3 months or less, the GEMDUS is the answer. Each section of the GEMDUS is designed to be placed on a permanent foundation. Engineering for the specific site (i.e. wind shear, seismic, soil loading) should be done and the home is permitted through the building department
. Several models of the GEMDUS are available in the GEMDUS Floor Plans page. The design is done so that each section can be highway towed behind a minimum half ton pickup, placed at the site onto the foundation, and each section bolted together. The roof system will take a little assembly over the cube. The GEMDUS has a 6-1/2" SIP floor, and 6-1/2" SIP wall system.  The roof system is a flat 8-1/2" SIP with a stick framed rafter over it to get the pitch. LVL's are placed inside the 8-1/2" SIP for support over open areas. The structure will require posts for support where open areas are maintained.  See the GEMDUS-S2 and the GEMDUS-S3 models as an example of post placement in an open configuration. Complete construction drawings for each GEMDUS will be engineered and made available to the building department so the home can be permitted.

The truss rafter pitched roof system is open to allow for electric, PEX, and HVAC. The units need to be placed on a raised foundation for septic runs. There will need to be correspondence with the building department to get them to understand how the house will be delivered, and how inspection(s) can be done. The GEMDUS will qualify for and look like a standard construction home.

Give the GEMDUS-A, -B, and -C a look to get the general idea of the Expandable portion of the GEMDUS. GEMDUS-A could be sold as a small self-contained unit, then another GEMDUS bought to get to -B, and another to get to -C. Doors, windows, sliders, and even deck portions are planned to be re-used as each option is expanded.

Pricing for GEMDUS will vary depending on location. At present we can offer the 820 sq ft GEMDUS-4  for $ 80,000.

Please remember that the GEMDUS is not a manufactured home. The trailer goes back to the factory. The GEMDUS can be thought of as a real large 2x4. You will need 3 pieces to put together, and get to a 410 sq ft home. The desired outcome of the purchase of a GEMDUS is that the owner gets a section, installs it, and then gets another section when ready. The assembly time of the sections is to be less than a day for two units. The assembly of the roof system is planned to take two days maximum for the three unit system. The foundation setup will depend on the build method and could take as long as a week. Time must be allowed for building department inspections. The GEMDUS system should provide the buyer with a home ready for occupancy in approximately one month.

By utilizing our SIP System we provide the most modern, maintenance free, energy efficient building systems on the market today with up-to-date alternative energy systems in solar, wind and other power systems. GEMDUS offerings in the future will be with solar systems.

If the GEMDUS is not quite what you are looking for, but you want to stay green, Green Sense Builder offers a variety of individual services from design conception to complete SIP Home Packages.  We pride ourselves in the fact that our clients are completely satisfied with our personalized service and commitment to excellence.

Every one of our homes qualifies to go through the Energy Star Program and can be rated upon completion for the Energy Star "Seal of Approval". Not only will the home be more energy efficient and save the homeowner money over the life of the home, but the home's resale value is increased.

The GEMDUS and our SIP Systems do not require highly skilled tradesman to erect it.  This system allows the contractor or owner builder to complete the project in less time than a conventional stick-frame building system, and is designed to function for the clients lifestyle and offers great curb appeal, while maintaining a high resale value.

Green Sense Builder, Inc.
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Grass Valley,  CA  95949

Main Sales Office:  (530)-798-0492
Please visit for information on the Green Expandable Mobile Dwelling Unit System. 
AND see for the HH Cool Panel, an advanced SIP wall system.



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